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Currencies On The Move

Currency converter made easy for the traveler, even offline

You need a reliable and easy-to-use currency converter when you're on a trip abroad? Currencies On The Move converts about any currency, with or without an internet connection, with the most convenient interface.

Kitchen Timer(s)

A multitimer to monitor everything you're cooking, brewing or just doing.

Ever needed several timers at the same time? Brewing 2 different teas? Cooking pasta on the hob when baking a cake in the oven? With this beautiful Kitchen Timer(s), you can have up to 6 timers on the same screen!

Name That Band

The music picture quiz

NAME THAT BAND is the ultimate pics guessing game for all music lovers. #1 music game in Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries when it came out!

Put your musical knowledge to the test in mind-teasing pictures puzzles that will have you guess the names of hundreds of bands. Be rewarded with cool song clips, and challenge other fans from all around the world!

Meet our team

Diavo Lab was created at the end of 2013 by two old friends teaming up with the idea of developing accessible and free-to-play games with a content both enlightening and entertaining.

We are based in Paris, France



Designed Kitchen Timer(s) and Currencies On The Move.
Writes all our code. Handles day-to-day business.


Miss L

The best at wording.
Designed Name That Band and the Diavo Lab logo.

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